To measure and evaluate student learning and development, the Office of Assessment administers several assessment instruments on a regular basis. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Defining Issues Test (DIT-2) assesses students' moral development while in college.
  • Critical thinking Assessment Test (CAT) measures the development of students' critical thinking skills. 
  • Global Perspectives Inventory (GPI) assesses global perspectives and intercultural engagement. 
  • Reliable Change Index (RCI) assessment, which measures whether a change in an individual's performance after instruction is statistically significant.

Reporting Assessment Results

Please review our Policy on Assessment Data Dissemination.


Our office does not regularly disseminate students' admissions, biodemographic, enrollment, or grade information. If you are developing an assessment plan or project that would be enhanced through the integration of student data, please contact Dr. Matt Serra ( to schedule an appointment to discuss your assessment objectives. Alternatively, if you have an immediate need for student information, please consult the University Registrar's policy regarding data requests.


Part of our mission is to provide students timely results pertaining to college assessments, such as the GPI or DIT-2. It often takes us several months to analyze and report assessment data, but we make every effort to communicate the results to you as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about the assessment experience or your results, please contact Dr. Jennifer Hill (