Departments - Course Evaluations

Directors of Undergraduate Studies and Staff Assistants

You are asked to discuss the course evaluation process with your faculty throughout this process. Please convey the importance of faculty engagement in evaluations, as well as the usefulness of the resulting data for program and course enhancement.

Review List of Courses Eligible for Evaluation

Each term departments are sent a list of their courses which are eligible for evaluation. Each department is responsible for reviewing and approving the list of courses eligible for evaluation. This review includes verifying the following information:

  1. Are all courses that your department would like to have evaluated listed on your course list worksheet?  Please note that we prefer to evaluate only classes with 5+ students to protect the confidentiality of respondents.  If your department needs to evaluate additional small enrollment classes, please let our office know. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis. Also note that graduate level classes ordinarily are not eligible for evaluation.  Our office only evaluates graduate level courses within the Trinity College when one or more undergraduates are enrolled.
  2. Should any courses be eliminated from the evaluation list? *As a rule: do not remove any crosslisted courses* You may not be familiar with all the crosslistings connected to your department, but it is important that they be included in your list. If you have any questions or concerns when reviewing the eligibility list, leave the course on the course list and/or contact the Office of Assessment to discuss the removal of the course.
  3. Is the correct instructor listed for each course? Do any courses have blank fields or missing entries? The primary instructor field should not be blank, nor should it read "Staff, Departmental". You must identify an instructor for the course being taught in conjunction with your department and confirm the instructor of record is up-to-date in PeopleSoft. Updates and changes should go through the Registrar and/or the SISS office. Changes and updates must also be noted in your response to this message.

Best Practices for Administering Course Evaluations

Knowing that maintaining strong return rates is of the highest importance for faculty and academic departments, we are providing here some general suggestions for the administration of course evaluations. Please bear in mind that, in addition to the development of new technologies and tools for the conduct of evaluations, we also are promoting a culture of student engagement. As an end-of-term ritual, we expect online evaluations to continue to gain traction over the next several semesters. Our collective conversations about evaluations, with students and with colleagues, are essential parts of this process.

At minimum...

Course instructors should:

  • visit DukeHub to monitor the course return rate and complete the Instructor Course Description Form
  • communicate to students that course evaluations are available online through DukeHub
  • share with students PDF of access instructions
  • provide reminders to students that the evaluation process is important and underway Department personnel were asked to review the eligible course list and provide any corrections to the Office of Assessment. Failure to observe a missing course results in the absence of the evaluation link for students in DukeHub.

We strongly recommend...

Instructors ask students to bring a laptop or tablet to class to complete the evaluation at a scheduled time. Return rates are highest when faculty schedule class time for this important activity.

Department personnel:

  • Discuss the process of course evaluations in faculty and staff meetings
  • Email program first and second majors to convey the importance of timely and thoughtful completion of course evaluations
  • Encourage faculty and staff who may be traveling immediately after the end of the term to install a VPN on their laptops or home computers. Visit, and search for VPN.

When a graduate level course has one or more undergraduates enrolled, the course is included for evaluation by the Office of Assessment, Trinity College. For these courses, it is highly recommended that both the undergraduate and graduate level students complete the course evaluation forms in DukeHub. Doing so will provide a more complete picture of the course and provide more comprehensive data for use in the reporting process.

For Help

For technical assistance accessing the evaluations forms in DukeHub, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 919-684-2200.

Please contact the Office of Assessment ( if you have any general questions about the course evaluation process overall.