Course Evaluations

Adminstrator Page (Office of Assessment staff only; log-in required)


Tableau course evaluation reports (Summer II 2013 through the present) (log-in required)

Student Accessible Course Evaluation System (SACES) (log-in required)

Course evaluation reports for Spring 2005 through Summer I 2013 are no longer available online. To obtain a report from one of these term, please see the staff member in your program designated to manage the course evaluation process.


Course Evaluation instructional guides

Memo to Directors of Undergraduate Study and staff assistants

For faculty:  Access instructions for STORM

For students:  Access instructions for ACES

Recommended practices for maintaining high return rates

Tableau quick start guide (updated fall 2016)

Tableau course evaluation users' guide (updated fall 2016)

Code sheet for interpreting numerical responses on evaluation forms

Archive of documents pertaining to obsolete pen/paper evaluation process

PowerPoint slides: handouts for general information sessions (spring 2014)

PowerPoint slides: handouts for Tableau information session (spring 2014)

Course evaluation questionnaires

Instructor Course Description Form (updated December 2014)

Course Evaluation Questionnaire for Students.  Please note that the student PDF includes every possible MOI (and the QS Area of Knowledge).  Trinity College courses will see only the MOI question sets relevant for their course.

Policies and procedures

Changing access to course evaluations and assessment reports online

This form should be completed by the DUS or chair for a department or a similar representative for a program.  However, a staff assistant can complete the form on behalf of the department if he/she is requested.  The DUS's name and email address must be included in order that DUS will receive a copy of the requested changes.

Changing options in SACES (Student Accessible Course Evaluation System)

Each term, faculty have the option of making summary evaluation data available to students.  This selection is made via the Instructor Course Description Form, available to each instructor at the time of course evaluations.  Faculty who "opt-in" are encouraged to leave public comments to students here: SACES comments form (instructors only).

If you wish to change a previous terms' SACES selection, please submit the following web form.  Please note that we will make such changes retroactively only for the previous two academic years (including summer terms).