Frequently Asked Questions About Course Evaluations

Student Questions:

I'm a student, and I think I mixed up the ratings for one of my courses.  I gave the instructor low marks instead of high.  Can I correct this?

The Office of Assessment has a long-standing policy against amending or expunging possibly erroneous submissions from students.  We encourage you to mention this error to the course instructor so that he or she can interpret the results accurately.

Can I see a copy of the student course evaluation questionnaire as it appears in Duke Hub?

To see screenshots of the course evaluation questionnaire in Duke Hub please click here.  Additionally, a list of items included on the questionnaire is included here.

Instructor Questions:

What are the student course evaluation items and response options?

To see screenshots of the course evaluation questionnaire in Duke Hub please click here.  Additionally, a code book of course evaluation items and responses is included here.

Which instructors will be evaluated?

Students can evaluate up to 3 instructors that can approve grades and are set to print on the schedule of classes.  Students may or may not choose to evaluate all instructors.  But, if an instructor can approve grades and is set to print on schedule, their name will be in the drop down of the course evaluation form.

When are course evaluation results made available to instructors?

All course evaluations results for all courses are published simultaneously to Tableau at the end of each semester.  Results are not released until the Trinity college has 95% of all final grades reported for the respective term. Course evaluation reports are made available within 3-5 days of the close of final exams. For questions about the end of semester timeline please refer to the academic calendar, here.  

I'm an instructor, how do I receive a summary print out of my course evaluations?

All instructors and department personnel obtain summary reports of course evaluation data via Tableau. To access course evaluation reports in Tableau follow the instructions in the Quick start guide.

To print course evaluation reports follow the printing and exporting guidelines.

I'm a graduate student teaching assistant. Am I allowed to see my course evaluation reports?

Yes, when you are listed as the primary or secondary instructor of record, you may view your evaluation reports online. Follow the access instructions to log in. If you have difficulty logging into or navigating the Course Evaluations website, please contact Evan Widney (Evan.Widney@duke.edu) for assistance.

If I'm the secondary instructor of a course, can I still get a copy of the report?

Yes, co-instructors have access to course evaluation reports. If you have difficulty logging into or navigating the Course Evaluations website, please contact Evan Widney (Evan.Widney@duke.edu) for assistance.

As an instructor, how do I compare my course data with those of other faculty?

Use the following link and scroll to Instructor report: Department Comparisons to learn about how to view aggregate data in Tableau for the departmental “home” of your course as well as the academic departments with which the course is crosslist: What instructors see in Tableau

It looks like some of my course evaluations are missing. What should I do about this?

It is possible that you did not indicate your SACES selection on that course's Instructor Course Description Form, or that selections you made for multiple courses are incompatible.  Please contact Dr. Jennifer Hill (jlh9@duke.edu) to report the problem.  You may be asked to submit a web form request for adding a past term's evaluation data to SACES.

A colleague and I co-taught a class this past term. We disagree about whether our evaluation data should be available to students. What is your policy?

Because the default SACES option for instructors within Trinity College is opt-out, the Office of Assessment requires that, to post evaluation data on SACES, both instructors must be agreement. Instructors select their SACES designation on the Instructor Course Description Form. Because only one form may be submitted per class, multiple instructors must agree on their selection and mark the appropriate choice, and if the instructors cannot agree the default selection will be to opt-out.

I decided I no longer want some evaluation data to be public. How do I remove those courses?

Instructors who wish to change their SACES selections must make the request in writing via the following web form. Changes will be accepted retroactively only for the two academic years immediately preceding the current term. For example, in Spring 2016, the earliest term for which we will accept changes to SACES selections is Spring 2014. Instructors are permitted to request changes to SACES selections for Summer terms. For courses that utilize multiple instructors, both instructors must provide written confirmation of the requested changes. Such changes to the course’s SACES status require that each instructor submit a copy of the web form listed above. The Office of Assessment will check that we receive consistent change requests from all instructors. Requests submitted via the web form will be reviewed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Office of Assessment cannot guarantee that STORM will be updated immediately. Please contact Dr. Jennifer Hill (jlh9@duke.edu) for additional questions or clarification.

My name recently changed. What does this mean for accessing Course Evaluations?

Reports are uploaded and accessed on the basis of the user's net ID.  If you net ID is unchanged, you should still see all appropriate reports.  Note that the SACES system publishes evaluation data on the basis of the instructor's name and ID.  The name or spelling most recently associated with your courses is the name that will be displayed in SACES. Please contact Evan Widney (Evan.Widney@duke.edu) to report any questions or concerns.

Department/Staff Questions:

I'm a new staff member in my department, and I was told that I need access to the course evaluation reports. Can you give me access?

Please ask the Chair or Director of Undergraduate Study for your department/program to complete the Change in Access form.  This form notifies the Office of Assessment, Trinity College of any changes that need to be made to department personnel's access to assessment and course evaluation reports.  Access to the reports is restricted only to those persons who have a work-related need, and, therefore, the Chair or DUS also must indicate which personnel no longer require access and should be removed on the form.

What should our department do with old course evaluation materials, including complete and incomplete Scantron forms, PDF versions of course evaluation reports, and other materials that remain from the pen and paper process? 

Please refer to the following memo for more detail regarding the Trinity College's recommendation on archiving course evaluation results. The Trinity College currently recommends maintaining a rolling seven year record of course evaluation results for each instructor. Any materials that fall outside this window should be returned to the instructor of record. All reasonable attempts must be made ot return these materials to the instructor of record before disposing of any course evaluation materials.