General Presentations

Trinity College Course Evaluation Administration (Slides)
  • Course evaluation administration
    • Department responsibilities
    • Faculty responsibilities
    • Important dates
  • Changes to course evaluation questionnaire:  New student form, elimination of Instructor Course Description Form
  • Student Accessible Course Evaluation System (SACES):  How to opt-in to SACES, accessing reports
  • Accessing and navigating reports in Tableau:  Logging in, available reports
Curriculum Mapping - defining, calibrating, testing and advancing student learning outcomes (Slides)

Delivered at the December 2019 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Houston, TX

Critical thinking is still critical - An institutional approach to assessing an enduring competency (Slides)

Delivered at the December 2019 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Houston, TX

Fostering Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Assessment (Slides)

Delivered at the December 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

Portfolio 2.0: A novel role for portfolios in assessment and accreditation (Slides)

Delivered at the January 2018 AACU ePortfolio Forum, Washington DC
Delivered at the December 2017 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX

For good measure. Assessing quantitative literacy and reasoning (QLR) in the general education (Slides)

Delivered at the December 2016 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Delivered at the November 2015 AACU Regional STEM Meeting, Seattle, WA

Flip or flop?  A research methodology comparing the learning outcomes of flipped & traditional classroom pedagogies (Slides)

Delivered at the January 2016 AACU Annual Meeting, Washington DC

Flex assessment: Accommodating diverse learning outcomes through an online assessment infrastructure (Slides)

Delivered at the December 2015 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Revisiting e-Assessment:  Leveraging online platforms for outcomes assessment in the general education (Slides)

Delivered at the January 2015 AACU Annual Meeting, Washington DC

Partnership and pedagogy. Admissions, assessment, and curricular reformfor improving diversity in STEM (Slides)

Delivered at the November 2014 AACU Regional STEM Meeting, Atlanta, GA

The new e-assessment?  Leveraging online platforms for competency-based outcomes assessment (Slides)

Delivered at the December 2014 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN
Delivered at the January 2014 AACU Annual Meeting, Washington DC

New Thinking on ePortfolios: Bridging Student-Centered and Assessment-Centered Portfolio Designs (Slides)

Delivered at the December 2013 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Assessing the assessment tool:  New thinking about ePortfolios (Slides)

Delivered at the February 2013 AACU Regional Meeting, Boston, MA

Reconnecting with students as essential stakeholders: Early engagement and communication strategies (Slides)

Delivered at the February 2012 AACU Regional Meeting, New Orleans, LA