Qualtrics Survey Bank

Qualtrics Survey Bank



The Office of Assessment, Trinity College (OATC) has created a library of questions in Qualtrics for you to copy or adapt for your own surveys. To access this library, log-in to Duke’s Qualtrics license: https://duke.qualtrics.com. If you have not previously done so you will need to request access to the survey bank through the following web-form

To browse the survey items, once you’ve logged in to Qualtrics, you can find Library as an option on the top right of your screen. Then, click on the down carrot next to the Library name to navigate between different libraries. Our library of questions is called “OATC Survey Bank”. If you are having trouble viewing the OATC survey bank in Qualtrics please contact our office at Assessment@duke.edu. To view our quick start guide (including screenshots) for the Qualtrics Survey Bank please click here

Survey bank question sets


Course Feedback

Advising in the Major




Course Feedback


Course evaluations are a valuable form of indirect evidence used in the study and assessment of student learning. Course evaluations can be used in both formative (Mid-semester course evaluations) and summative assessment (End-of-term course evaluations). On behalf of the Trinity College and in collaboration with academic departments, the Office of Assessment administers end-of-term course evaluations for eligible undergraduate courses. The Office of Assessment does not administer mid-semester course evaluations on behalf of the college. In instances where an instructor or department wish to collect mid-semester feedback or wish to collect feedback for a course that does not meet the formal end of term evaluation eligibility requirements it may be useful to create a short survey to distribute to course participants. To this end you may wish to use the Qualtrics survey bank developed by the Office of Assessment. 

The Qualtrics survey bank includes course feedback questions related to: 

  • Course Content
  • Course Instruction
  • Classroom Dynamics
  • Course Assignments and Feedback
  • Course Policies
  • Instructional Technologies

Mid-semester course evaluations should typically aim to answer the following question:

  1. What aspects of class are going well and what needs improvement?
  2. What changes in the course would benefit student learning?
  3. What are the mid-semester benchmarks to help you interpret end of term data?

End-or-semester course evaluations should typically aim to answer the following questions:

  1. Provide instructors with feedback about the quality of the course.
  2. Inform future course experiences and offeringss.
  3. Help assess movement towards intended learning outcomes.

Many instructors will find an online, anonymous survey of their students to be the most effective way of gathering mid-semester and end-of-semester feedback.  For information on the types of questions that are available within the Qualtrics Survey bank, and to review alternative methods of gathering mid-semester course feedback please visit the Midterm Assessment Strategies page of our website, here.  

If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness and use of these question in the ongoing development of your course(s) please contact the Office of Assessment at Assessment@duke.edu



Advising in the Major


In the spirit of ongoing development and reflection academic departments may wish to collect feedback on the advising experience within their major. The structure of advising may vary from department to department and, as such, it is important that any unit seeking to meaningfully asses advising in their major understand:

  • Shared goals for advising in their major
  • Shared expectations of advisees
  • Shared expectations of advisors

To help better understand the state of in-major advising a department may wish to issue a brief survey to their students. Additionally, a department may wish to issue a similarly brief survey to their advisors. The types of questions asked in a survey such as this may fall into the following categories :

  • Advising experiences  (prescriptive vs developmental) 
  • Advisor accessibility
  • Student expectations
  • Advisor expectations
  • Overall satisfaction

The Qualtrics survey bank (quick start guide here) includes advising in the major questions related to the bulleted categories above. In addition, the Qualtrics survey bank includes questions from the Academic Advising Center's (AAC) survey at major declaration. Please consider including relevant questions from the AACs survey at major declaration to see how the student advising experience within you department aligns with the student advising experience in the first two years.

For more information on assessing advising in the major, as well as best practices in advising, please consult our curated list of assessment resources

For general information on pre-major advising at Duke please visit the Academic Advising Center's website. You may also wish to visit the Academic Advising Center's (AAC) page on Advising in the Major where students can find information and details regarding in-major advising as laid out by your department.