Students - Course Evaluations

Your Feedback is Important

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in courses eligible for evaluation can do course evaluations online through DukeHub ( Your professor will explain the process and encourage you to participate. This process covers courses taught in Trinity College departments and programs, the Marine Lab, Study Abroad (global Education) and Nicholas School for the Environment graduate level courses eligible for evaluation. Your feedback is important and contributes to the ongoing improvement of educational programs.

Confidentiality: Any information you submit via the online form is confidential. Data are reported in the aggregate only, and no personally identifying information will be released. Faculty will not see evaluation results until after grades are submitted.

Improve our Process: If you would like to share feedback or ideas about the course evaluation process, you are welcome to write to the Office of Assessment - Trinity College, at Thank you for your interest and participation.

Online Course Evaluation Forms

If possible, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser. The course evaluation tool also has been tested in Chrome and Safari.

DOWNLOAD: Student instructions are also available as a pdf.

  1. Log-in to DukeHub ( using your Duke NetID and passcode.

You will see your usual Student Center homepage, with the addition of an “Evaluations” column in your  schedule. You will not see links to the evaluation forms until the evaluation periods open. Each eligible course has its own link, and its own evaluation form.

  1. Click on the Evaluation icon (see image below) to begin the evaluation process. A course evaluation form will open up.

Screenshot of DukeHub Student Center homepage

  1. On Page 6 (see image below), your evaluation is nearly complete. Click on Next to proceed to a Confirmation page.

  2. Review your evaluation and confirm responses. The Confirmation page (aka, the Summary page) itemizes your responses to the entire evaluation form. The Edit tool on the right side of the screen will bring you back to the questionnaire, if you wish to make any changes. If you are finished with the form click save at the bottom of the Summary page. You may continue to make changes to the form through the close of the evaluation window. 

Course Evaluation Items

On the course evaluation form, students will have the opportunity to indicate their level of agreement with the following statements:

  • The course has clearly defined student learning objectives.
  • The course had clear expectations for assignments and other work.
  • The course had a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment.
  • This course helped me gain factual knowledge.
  • This course helped me understand fundamental concepts and principles.
  • This course helped me learn to apply knowledge, concepts, principles, or theories to a specific situation or problem. 
  • This course helped me learn to analyze ideas, arguments, and points of view.
  • This course helped me learn to synthesize and integrate knowledge.
  • This course helped me learn to conduct inquiry through methods of the field. 
  • This course helped me learn to evaluate the merits of ideas and competing claims.
  • This course helped me to effectively communicate ideas orally. 
  • This course helped me to effectively communicate ideas in writing. 

Additionally, students will address the following multiple-choice response prompts:

  • Please characterize the difficulty of the subject matter.
  • How much did you learn from this course?
  • How many hours per week on average did you spend on this course (outside of class meetings)? Examples include study groups, attending office hours, reading, writing, working on practice problems, etc.
  • About what percent of the class meetings (including discussions, labs, etc.) did you attend in person?
  • Overall the course was...
  • Overall, the instructor was...

Finally, to complete the form, students have an opportunity to respond to two open-ended items: 

  • What would you like to say about this course to a student who is considering taking it in the future?
  • Would you like to provide any other comments about this course?

For a complete overview of the Trinity College questionnaire with response options please view the available code sheet.

View Course Evaluation Results

Members of the Duke community with a valid NetID may access the Student Accessible Course Evaluation System (SACES) reports to view the course evaluation results for select courses. Access to individual courses is available through the Duke course search. To browse all available Trinity and Pratt course evaluation data follow the link here:


Need help?

For help accessing the Student Evaluation Form in DukeHub, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 919-684-2200, option 2.