Qualtrics Survey Bank - Quick Start Guide

The Office of Assessment, Trinity College has created a library of questions in Qualtrics for you to copy or adapt for your own surveys. To request access to this library please email Assessment@duke.edu. To access this Library, log-in to Duke’s Qualtrics license: https://duke.qualtrics.com.

To browse the survey items, once you’ve logged in to Qualtrics, you can find Library as an option on the top right of your screen. Then, click on the down carrot next to the Library name to navigate between different libraries. Our library of questions is called “OATC Survey Bank”. If you are having trouble viewing the OATC survey bank in Qualtrics please contact our office at Assessment@duke.edu.  

Survey questions are grouped into folders with similar themes. For example, you will find a folder for Trinity College’s Student Learning Outcome questions, another folder for survey questions related to technology, and among others, a folder for open-ended survey items.

To use any of these survey items in your own survey instrument, go to your survey and add a blank question. Next to the question box, in the right-hand menu, click on the down carrot under “Change Question Type.” Select the very last item in the drop-down list, “Question Library.”


Choose “OATC Survey Bank” and you will have two options: “Block Library” and “Question Library”. Select block library if you would like to use the Trinity College Student Learning Outcomes already formatted into a Matrix. Or, “Question Library” will take you to a list of categories (Course Content, Feedback on Instructors, Trinity College SLOs, etc.). Choose the category that you would like, then select the survey question you would like to use. Once you have made your selection, click the green button on the bottom right “Import”. This will add the question to your survey. Create a new question and repeat this process as many times as necessary.

Alternatively, to import multiple questions from each category, click on the “Import Questions From…” grey box on your survey tab, select “OATC Survey Bank” and navigate to the category of questions from which you would like to select survey items. Using this method allows you to select and import one or multiple items from each category. 


Take care when selecting survey items from the “OATC Survey Bank” to make sure they are applicable for your purposes. You are welcome to adapt these survey items as you need. You will also want to be careful to design an instrument that is clear, brief and easy to navigate. Always preview and test your survey thoroughly before administration.