Assessment and OATC Liaisons

Each academic unit has an assessment liaison from the Office of Assessment, Trinity College (OATC) assigned to support the ongoing assessment efforts of the program or department. The list below indicates the OATC liaison assigned to each unit.

Program Primary OATC Liaison Backup OATC Liaison
AAAS Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney
AAHVS Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
AMES Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney
Biology Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Biophysics Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
CCB Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Chemistry Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Classics Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Computer Science Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Cultural Anthropology Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Dance Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
Economics Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Education Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
English Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Environmental Science and Policy Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Evolutionary Anthropology Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
EOS Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Gender/SF Studies Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
German Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
Global Cultural Studies Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney
Global Health Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
History Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
International Comparative Studies Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney
Linguistics Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Math Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Med. Ren. Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney
Music Evan Widney Evan Widney
Neuroscience Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Philosophy Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Physics Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Political Science Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Program II Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Psychology Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Public Policy Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Religion Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
Romance Studies Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
ROTC Air Force Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
ROTC Army Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
ROTC Navy Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Slavic & Eurasian Studies Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Sociology Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Statistics Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Theater Studies Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney


Certificate Primary OATC Liaison            Backup OATC Liaison          
Arts of the Moving Image Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Child Policy Research Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Civic Engagement and Social Change Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Decision Sciences Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Documentary Studies Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Energy & the Environment Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Global Dev. Engineering Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin
Ethics Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney
Health, Wellness, Physical Education  Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Human Development Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
Human Rights Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Information Sciences & Studies Alessandra Dinin  Evan Widney
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
Jewish Studies Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Latino/a Studies in the Global South (LSGS) Alessandra Dinin Evan Widney
Marine Science & Conservation Leadership Evan Widney Alessandra Dinin
Markets & Management Studies Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Evan Widney Jennifer Hill
Policy, Journalism & Media Studies Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Science & Society Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
Sustainability Engagement Jennifer Hill Evan Widney


Non-Degree Granting Programs            Primary OATC Liaison        Backup OATC Liaison     
Bass Connections Alessandra Dinin Jennifer Hill
Duke Engage Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Global Education Jennifer Hill Evan Widney
Thompson Writing Program Jennifer Hill Alessandra Dinin